Music for Digest Design Workshop Collection 2018
Great Spirit Casts into Wares

曲目 List
1 (4:45)
2/3 (9:52)
4 (3:51)

作曲 / 演奏:闫玉龙
Composed and Performed by Yan Yulong

录音 / 混音 / 母带:杨海崧
Recorded / Mixed / Mastered by Yang Haisong at Psychic Hong Studio, Beijing

闫玉龙,1989年出生于哈尔滨,现居北京。Chui Wan乐队成员,年轻一代摇滚和实验、即兴乐手里的活跃分子。与各种不同风格的音乐家,以及舞蹈、剧场合作。作曲,也表演其他作曲家的作品。通常演奏电提琴或原声提琴。最初沾染于长音、极简、迷幻及声响,不限于此。目前与张守望一起主持北京先锋音乐厂牌 Maybe Noise。

Yan Yulong, born 1989 in Harbin, now living in Beijing. Frontman of neo-psych rock band Chui Wan, actively working within China’s young generation of rock, experimental, and improvised music scenes. He collaborates with a variety of different styles of musicians,and dancers, theater directors.His solo performances are usually violin improvisation. Initially he played drone and Minimalist compositions… he is not limited to that now. Currently working with Zhang Shouwang hosting Beijing avant-garde music Maybe Noise Records.

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