消化设计创始人Dooling Jiang2013年年初受邀为展览The Future of Fashion is Now进行创作,装置作品“我们的家园”于10111011在荷兰鹿特丹博曼斯美术馆开幕,策展方关注非西方背景的年轻设计师、或非主流语境下的西方设计师,以期他们在眼花缭乱的季度更迭之外,为时尚找到新的路径。

Dooling Jiang, the founder of Digest Fashion Workshop, was invited to a fashion design project The Future of Fashion is Now. For the exhibition The Future as Fashion is Now as part of H+F Fashion on the Edge. The result will be presented in museum Boijmans Rotterdam from 11th October 2014 till 18th January 2015.The exhibition focuses on new visions proposed by young designers from non-Western backgrounds and from the fringes of Europe. These designers are more likely to challenge the boundary of the most recent fashion system in post-modern content rather than to obey. If there is one thing that typifies the zeitgeist it is young designers’ criticisms against the predominant beliefs of the industrial fashion system.

2013年,评审团 (Viktor & Rolf, Han Nefkens, Jose Teunissen, Karin Swerink and Vassilis Zidianakis) 从世界各地被提名的设计师中选出6位,委派他们为这次展览创作一个新的作品。整个展览将以文字、装置和影像的形式,来呈现设计师的创作过程。年轻设计师们将透过服装告诉人们,时尚不仅仅是关于审美或艺术性的概念,更可以是一种可持续的创新力量,通过结合传统和现有的技术,构建更好的未来社会。

In 2013, twenty scouts from all over the world nominated their favourite talents. On 18 November 2013 a panel of judges (Viktor & Rolf, Han Nefkens, Jose Teunissen, Karin Swerink and Vassilis Zidianakis) chose six designers who will each be commissioned to make new work for the project. The exhibition aims not to reveal idea or concept through a product (clothes) but open up by way of a process, installation or film. Fashion is not only about aesthetics or an artistic concept for these young designers, they show what fashion and clothes tell us about the time and place we live in and, above all, how technology, sustainability and innovation can help us to organize society better.


The installation Our Home is constructed in the form of tent and inspired by eight traditional fabrics: Hainan Li brocade, Guizhou Miao Sheen cloth, Tibet Pulu wool, Xinjiang Atlas silk, Guangdong gauze, Nantong Blue cloth, Sichuan Summer cloth and Henan Tussah silk.

The Future of Fashion is Now
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen:

展览地址 Museum Address
Museumpark 18-20 3015 CX Rotterdam
Postbus 2277 3000 CG Rotterdam

展览时间 Exhibition time:
2014/10/11 – 2015/01/18

#时·光--中英时尚电影展映# New Design展区的《Monument》是导演@X-IMAGE汪钧 为设计师@dooling 的成衣“消 - 纪念碑”系列拍摄的时尚短片。“纪念碑”总是充满强烈存在感,却为这一季时装带来平和的气息。展映至11/10 @尤伦斯UCCA @消化设计 @现代电视ModernTV @iWeekly周末画报。

@大声展 : #大声展参展艺术家#Dooling Jiang(@消化设计)2008年进修伦敦圣马丁研究生课程,2010年创立“消化”设计概念工作室 大声展参展作品: “光蚀”系列展现了创作者眼中的未来。光带来的应该是光明和发展,那么她的背面,大概就是黑暗和衰弱 。也是对“消化”这个概念更深意的表达。

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