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The installation Our Home is constructed in the form of tent and inspired by eight traditional fabrics: Hainan Li brocade, Guizhou Miao Sheen cloth, Tibet Pulu wool, Xinjiang Atlas silk, Guangdong gauze, Nantong Blue cloth, Sichuan Summer cloth and Henan Tussah silk.


Section 1:   Pre statement

思无邪,事以成 - 精诚所至,金石为开

Pure hearts make truly new and infinite things

Section 2:   Main statement part 1-1

反省 - 传统与先锋从来不是对立的两方,而所有不基于生活的设计都是诡辩

Search the Hearts of Purity

Section 3:   Main statement part 1-2


The past provide lessons for the present, guidance for the future

Section 4:   Main statement part 2-1

为道日损,以至于无为- 求学,为道之不同

"He who practices Tao daily diminishes himself"

Section 5:   Main statement part 2-2


Passing things keep truth present; purity stays

Section 6:   Summary of Exhibition

我们的家园 - 纯然之物日渐消逝,谨守护之

Our Home


Introduction to Fabrics

The Future of Fashion is Now

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