Digest 2013 Summer Artistic Line

概念系列“化” [ 罅隙 Crack ]






The middle long robe made in summer fabric was sewn with 2000 square nuts, that measures approximately ten kilograms, the long robe on the right was sewn with 4000 nuts, that measures approximately 20 kilograms.

Artistic line Hua “Crack”

This conceptual line has adopted a “crude” approach that threaded thousands of metallic square nuts in the weaving of the summer fabric. The varying weight of the nuts have configured the three identical summer long robes into different forms, and the weight of the clothes has thus changed the inherent shapes of the human body. “Crude” is not only used to depict the subversion to the modern industrial era versus the classical civilization, but is also used to describe the path on which the contemporary inhabits. The fabric’s inability to bearing such responsibility saddens me; and the struggling body seems to be the primitive culture fallen into the cracks of the industrial civilization that has lost its intrinsic posture.

The Summer fabric originates in the Song dynasty, is a hand woven plain ramie cloth. Ramie is largely produced in China, yet not all ramie cloth may be called summer fabric, because true summer fabric requires rather complex weaving craftsmanship without damaging its natural fiber structure. Its yarn is as refined as silk threads, and the finished cloth is as thin as feathers, that was once used as tributary articles to the emperors. Nowadays, there are very few places and individuals who can produce the true summer cloth, especially that the contemporaries no longer value the craftsmanship. In traditional regions where ramie was produced, the locals have already began to used machines to weave yarn, although they are still using the old style weaving machine to make the cloth, yet the “hand-woven clothes” is now only a commercial stunt. They are called the summer cloth, it is only an empty shell of tradition.

Even though media reports on the disappearance of traditional craftsmanship might have provoked my sympathy, or believe that those craftsmanship would eventually be replaced with time. However, when I have woven summer clothes and have made it into clothing, have I suddenly realized that no matter when an object may have existed, it is indispensible. Their radiance under the sun is like a winding river, flowing for billions of years: as the body evolved into the walking figure, it propels one to look forward and forget the noises of mundane life.

All matters have a spirit, and in tranquility may one introspect the heart.

Text: Dooling Jiang
English Translation: Fiona He