Digest autumn/winter collection 2011

Starting point and Development


三角 triangle

方尖碑 obelisk

纪念碑 monument

通道 the passages (a monumental sculpture for German writer Walter Benjamin)

通路 passage (a transit space )

聚合体 polymer

消化春夏 2011AW

成衣系列 消 [ monument 纪念碑 ]

概念系列 化 [ passages 通路 ]

Digest autumn/winter collection 2011

RTWline Xiao [ monument ]

Conceptual line Hua [ passages ]

RTW Line

成衣系列 “消” [ Monument纪念碑 ]



Why “Monument”?

A Monument is a “freestanding, non-building commemoration”, or a “stone with memories”. It is a result of civilization rather than culture – its significance lies in the non-existence of any historical or regional traces; it is not a church nor a square – regardless of their universal attribution to commemoration – for no shelter or standing space is provided. A closer resemblance might be a corridor or a passage that link and record memories: fragments from the moment of establishment till the second someone stand in front of it. The peacefulness it houses provides the ambience for reflections on the past.

纪念碑的外形总是高大宏伟,充满强烈纯在感,但她带来的气息是平和的,这是我认为的纪念碑中的雌雄性。不为庆祝,不为纪念,没有政治,没有崇拜。 peaceful,是衣服要有的表情。

While its grand contour claims recognition of its presence, a monument always breathes gently – the androgyny temperament that I seize. Not for celebrations, no politics, no idolization, but peacefulness, an expression that clothes should embrace.





Drop shoulder, soft sculptural style

Instead of using shoulder pads, the design gives a definition to the natural shape of shoulder and emphasize the idea of human as monument. As for accessories, stuffed pieces finish the look with a solid touch, to show that the monument is essentially man-made.


>On the Dilution of Uniform Affection

所有功能性服装和当代服装样式都来自军服/制服,这就是为什么我们会有军服/制服情节。制服式样(uniform style)也成为一种设计和时尚元素。但这本不应该导致某个地区或国家得社会着衣是“制服式”。但有些国家,比如日本,已然成为制服社会。我们希望在可能的情况下,控制“制服”。

All functional apparel and contemporary styles come from military uniform and other kinds of uniforms, which explains our obsession for military uniform / uniforms. While uniform is accepted as a basic design and trend element worldwide, it should not lead to a national or regional social dressing format; but in some countries like Japan, uniform has become a part of the social scene. We hope to keep “uniform” under certain level of control.

Artistic Line

概念系列“化” [Passages 通路]

2011成都双年展国际设计展 [the Solutions 谋断有道] 参展作品


作品规格:2000mm*4000mm*2600mm (长宽高)

>>2011 Chengdu Biennale [The Solutions: International Design Exhibition]

Materials: cotton, polyester, ink

Dimensions: 2000mm*4000mm*2600mm (length*width*height)

Photography: Qiananrchy

Text: Dooling Jiang

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