“Light Lost” - Leap through Human Civilization – for GIL

Exhibiton 2012

“Light Lost” collection encapsulates the vision of future perception.

To speak for the future appearance, the faith of the true world will be faded into over accessorized mechanical reproduction. Under the materialized society, high-tech involved highly sophisticated production is based on the passive acceptance of human pleasure which leads to not only the excessive consumption of natural resources but also over exploitation of human intelligence.

To question the role of a fashion designer under the over production age, the most distressed part of designing - The Ready-to-Wear Collection - is the confusion between the quality and quantity; over all the contemporary fashion industry has gone far beyond functionalism but to materialism.

The “Light Lost” Collection is a confrontation strategy towards sophistication, to alert through the over production age which is the truth behind the glory and whether the light of glamorous delusion will somehow devoured into the dark in a sudden. The end is also the beginning and the darkness is the origin of light thus the enlightenment begin…

From the common the equilibrium format of hope = future but from the mirror side point view hope = end; hope sits under the present timeline, as if the right decisions made and action has been taken then the amount of time towards to future now be stretched to more possibilities and therefore is the revitalization of “hope”.

“Light Lost” Starting point:

Imagine, if we perceive the front of the light, then what would its back be? The light should bring forth glory and development. Therefore, its back is probably darkness and decay. “Erosion” in Chinese also implies “natural loss”, the “light lost” line is derived from this idea. Moreover, it’s my extended expression on the concept of “digest”

“光蚀” - 直面人类文明发展带来的结果

[ Light Lost 光蚀 ] 系列展现了我眼中的未来。


而作为一个服装设计师,每次设计成衣系列最令我苦恼的是,已经有太多衣服其实是不需要被设计制造的,它们耗费昂贵的面料及过多的工时,终只是为满足设计者自身的表达和热衷消费的当代人们的虚荣心。所以“光蚀 Light Lost”是我对“精妙 sophistication”的对抗,用来提醒自己在享受人类世界“发展”所带来的“光明”的同时不要忽视暗藏于其后的“背面”,而这个“背面”能承载的极限就是未来的终点,亦是我对未来在时间上的度量。


但在我心中未来 = 结束 [ future = end ],“希望”只来自当下,如果我们能在当下做出合理的判断和行动,我们便延长了到达未来的时间,这便是希望。


想,如果我们看到的光是她的正面,那么光的背面是什么?光带来的应该是光明和发展,那么她的背面,大概就是黑暗和衰弱。“蚀”在中文意里有“亏耗”的意思,英文对应译为“lose”,[ Light Lost 光蚀 ] 系列就是这么延伸出来的,同时也是我对“消化”这个概念更深意的表达。

Text - Dooling Jiang

Translation - Fiona He / SunQ

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